Vision Quest

This is a physical service and is only available in Kaapse Hoop

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What is a vision quest and why is it important at this time?

An individual vision quest is a time of deep connection between self and spirit in a sacred nature setting ... this is preceded by a period of preparation with myself in the form of "homework" around that which is needing to be released, rebirthed and brought in through meditation and realizations...

The quest itself will involve going to a private location and engaging in meditation while forgoing certain comforts for a period of up to several days; the first time vision quest is obviously quite gentle ... these are traditionally brough about in 1, 3, 5 and 7 days sets.

In some traditions the participant would be out in the elements for the full period of time ... come rain or shine .... mine are not that extreme.

I have chosen Kaapsehoop, South Africa as my preferred site for these quests due to the ancient sacredness of this location.

The exchange for the vision quest includes travel expenses (if you can get to me in Kempton Park,  Gauteng, this is where I will be travelling from), 2 nights accommodation in Kaapse Hoop and all activities I do with you.

Payment plans are available on request if you book with me several months in advance.

Dates will be decided on between you on me when you book.

R4 000 or $250

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