White paw soul portaits

I have been trained in the Native American Red Indian Tent Technique which is part of the Red Road and Medicine Wheel teachings.

I have been given the gifts, through this process of Shamanism to see and connect with the Angelic Beings, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Power Animals.

With this I put together a Soul Portrait which I paint on block-mounted canvas using oil paints.  This is accompanied by a full report and explanation of the information channeled.  Where location allows I will meet with you and present your portrait to you.  These Soul paths are very intimate and personal.  They give insight into past lives (where appropriate - in order to bring what is necessary from the past to heal in the NOW) but mainly connect you to your guides and Animal guides so that you gain a deeper understanding of your Soul Purpose for this lifetime.

I do not need to have an interview with you.  I just need your names and date of birth.

400 x 400 R1500

500 x 500 R1 600

600 x 600 R1 800

700 x 700 R1 900

600 x 750 R1 900

800 x 800 R2 000

1.2x 400 R2 200



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