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Soul Portraits ~ USA Souls


A seperate invoice will be sent for shipping on completion

All that I require is your birth date, the time of birth (if you know it) and your full names.

Your Guides/Spirit Animals and Ascended Masters are channeled through pure love and presented in art form.

I was given this gift around 15+ years ago and have produced over 800 of these Soul Expressions.

The sizes range from 400x400mm to 1.2x400mm for the Totem Poles.


16 x 16 inch


usa 2

20 x 20 inch



24 x 24 inch



27.5 x 27.5 inch



31.5 x 31.5 inch



47 x 16 inch



When I had my first soul portrait done, it was in the beginning of my spiritual journey. I had always been very interested and drawn to the Native American Indian culture and have always loved bears. When I received my portrait all of that made so much sense as I had three Native American Indian guides and a huge grizzly bear as my main animal guide. Everything I believed in and had felt for years just became clearer. And my path on the red road began. There was also a hand with symbols on my portrait which only years later did I realize was actually my own hand, and the symbols were because of the Reiki and Huana Crystal Healing that I eventually started to do.

When I had my second portrait done, I was going through quite a rough time in my life and was in a toxic relationship. When I saw it for the first time I felt love and at peace. It was so very different from my first but still had the Native American Indian guide in it. At the time I never hung it up but instead had it in my spare room facing the wall. Only when I moved away from the relationship and into my new home did I hang the portrait. It then became clear to me that I needed to move into the next stage of my life of learning who I was again away from the person that made me feel worthless that I realized the new portrait was me in my new stage of life.

Linda's artwork and insight that she put into my booklet to explain each item of my portrait helped me to understand each part. And as time went by, things were revealed to me in the portrait about myself when the time was right.

I can highly recommend Linda to do your portrait whether it just be out of pure curiosity or you are searching for answers about yourself or whatever you reason it. If you are been drawn to having one done, then there is a reason.

Much love and light
Lee-Ann ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Over 10 years ago, Linda painted my first soul portrait and it blew me away because it was like looking at myself from another side I never saw before or knew about in this life and past lives. It really helped me understand myself so much more to the core and explained alot that I didn't understand and helped me see aspects of my life I needed to work on or why I was here in the first place and what my purpose was. It really gave me direction in my inner and outer world. When I had children years later I got a soul portrait made for each of them as well because I wanted to help my kids understand themselves and their purpose from early on so that they wouldn't feel lost and unsure of themselves in this already crazy world. Not only did getting a soul portrait done for my family help us in our lives but Linda's work is absolutely beautiful where I often find myself staring at the details and mesmerizing colors used. I would recommend portraits done by Linda to anyone that would like to dive deeper into their past, present and future.

Dear Linda.
The soul portrait along with the write-up that you did for me resembles the core elements and aspects of all that represents my inner being and my life experiences.
The painting is a constant reminder of my innate strengths and abilities in self-directing my life outcomes.
Your talented abilities and insight into life energies are rare and certainly sort after. I am most grateful to you in your work.

My Spiritual awakening came a bit later in my life, it happened in 2016. Around December 2016 I got a tattoo of the Eye of Horus and the tattoo artist asked me about it, I told her it's about my Spiritual Journey, so she told me I needed to go see Linda.

I booked a weekend with Linda in January 2017 and it was SO profound!! While I was there I saw all of these beautiful portraits and on asking about them, she told me that she channels the energy of my Soul, bringing forth my Soul Guides, Ascended Masters and Sacred Symbols. I got my portrait later that year, it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...

I still find new messages in that portrait years later!


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