Within each person is a beautiful light waiting to shine forth, a magnificent being waiting for expression. That is our inner self, our individuality – our essential uniqueness…But this is often not what we present to the world...Instead we are expressing a composite expression of what we believe we need to be…That which is freely expressed is usually the image, while the unique core of the real person is often hidden….
The image is like an emotional ghost which we cultivate to defend our sensitivities. We sell ourselves far too short as this image can never hold the beauty and magic of our true inner selves….
The acute sensitivity of the inner self is often mistaken for vulnerability so we build up a wall of defence…

The purpose of this course is to bring understanding of purpose – what is really going on around the magic of your birth time, names etc..
This 4 Module course offers a journey through NUMERLOGY, which gives you the practical basics of understanding and working through the different aspects of the magic of your numbers, to being able to put a full reading together for yourself or someone else…


Module 1

Primary life path number
Constructing your birth chart

R400 or $25

Module 2

Name numbers
Sun Numbers

R400 or $25

Module 3

Hearts Desires numbers
Personality numbers
Hereditary numbers
Growth Numbers

R400 or $25

Module 4

Current year number
Putting together of your practice NUMERLOGY Chart..

R400 or $25

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