Sacred Artwork



Soul Portraits, Totem Poles, Dragon connections, Angel Connections, Ascended Master Channeling in Art form…


This journey began for me over 15 years ago with a prompting from my higher self to purchase a canvas and some oil paints… even though I had done art at school I had never attempted oil painting.. so this was a challenge..

The start of an exciting new Journey


I duly went and purchased the said canvas and paints…. Sat down in front of them and began to have images with messages formulate in my imagination and consciousness. That was the beginning of the journey..

I was a Reiki Master at the time and a few clients saw the work that I had done and wanted one… that was the beginnings of my passion and my gift. Practice made perfect and the fact that they are Channeled from the highest vibrations of love and purity made them quite sought after in a short period of time. They grew and evolved and are now done in different art mediums and come with a full report.

Versatility of my Gift


As time went by, I realized that they are particularity helpful to those who are wanting to see what their entourage looks like and have some messages downloaded for them. They do make beautiful birthday gifts and there is no age limitation.

No age limit, no restrictions


I have done from newborns to even those who have crossed over for those who have struggled with the loss.

I want to do more!

It is my absolute passion and privilege to be able to do this work and I would love to reach even more souls with my unique gift. They are a tool for healing,  teaching and connecting….

If you would like to see more or maybe purchase your own, please click here.


I also do Protection and Guardian Totem Poles!  If you are interested in those, please click here.




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